Dear Delegates,

As part of the South Zone ISA conference, ISACONSOUTH 2021 (17th to 19th December 2021), we invite you to participate in the postgraduate quiz .


  1. Physical conference registration is mandatory to participate in the quiz.
  1. Preliminaries and the final round will be conducted at the conference venue.
  1. Preliminaries will be conducted on 18/11/21(Saturday) and the timing will be intimated on the day of quiz.
  1. Two postgraduates are allowed per team.
  1. Unlimited teams are allowed per institute in the preliminary rounds.
  1. Five teams will be selected for the final round of the quiz, which will be held on 19/11/2021(Sunday), following lunch.
  1. Attractive Quiz prizes are to be won.

First Prize: 8000

Second Prize: 6000

Third Prize: 4000

  1. Participation certificates will be awarded only to the five teams participating in the final round.
  1. All the very best!!!

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