Speak with your images

Photo Talk :

  1. Registration is mandatory.
  2. Online Presentation only.
  3. Should have 1 to 8 years of experience Post MD/DNB.
  4. Only one photo can be submitted per person.
  5. The title and summary (maximum 100 words) should be submitted along with the photograph.
  6. The photograph should have been taken by the presenting author or co-authors.
  7. It should be in jpeg format only, preferably HD.
  8. It should not reveal any patient identity. Appropriate consent should be taken from the patient.
  9. The talk is only for 5 min followed by a discussion.
  10. The Prerecorded Video(5min only)should be uploaded in the website on or before 30/11/21. The recorded video will be used on the day of conference.
  11. The scientific committee will shortlist the photo talk.
  12. The best photo talk will be selected by the team of judges, and a certificate of appreciation will be awarded.

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